Occasionally the screens in HerdApp will load slowly on an Android phone. A few Android phones have been effected like this. We have not noticed this problem on iPhones or computer browsers.

We have found that Avast or AVG security software can interfere and slow HerdApp down on some Android phones. Perhaps when Avast and AVG is not being kept up to date. Try these steps (it might be different on different Android devices)

1. Click on Settings

2. Click on AppsĀ 

3. Disable Avast Cleanup, Avast Mobile Security, or AVG as found

4. Close Settings and close HerdApp and start HerdApp again and see if the speed problem is gone

5. Click on Settings

6. Click on AppsĀ 

7. Enable again Avast Cleanup, Avast Mobile Security, or AVG

8. See if your HerdApp is still OK for speed

Let us know if the speed problem persists


The Agrinet Support team