This has been a gray area over the years in HerdMaster and now in HerdApp. The options are:

1. Dead calf born. Tag the dead calf and knackery take it away and the knackery report all to agfood. 

2. An aborted calf. Technically this goes to the lab with a tag and they register the death to agfood.

3. An abortion - but no calf found (in the tank). In this case we have 2 options:

3A. Cow comes to her milk and you want to record the cow. Let the milk recording know and they will calve cow (we can help if you send us cow official tag and date of abortion).

3B. Cow aborts and will be culled or kept for rebreeding. In this case no calving is needed. You can record an "Abortion" as a "Problem" event and this will terminate all previous serves and scans.