***IMPORTANT: Do a backup 1st***

Find out what date the animals left the farm.

Open Herdmaster and work from the front Screen.

Click on "Batch Data Entry" and then click on "Export animal data to buyer".

Click "Dairy Sale walk" or "Beef Sale Walk" on the left and then at top right put "Sold Animals" in the box 

Then a screen will appear to put in the name of person you sold the animal to and a date range, put this in (if animal left 05/03/19 start date would be 05/03/19 and end date 06/03/19).

Click the "Detailed Report" tab at the top.

You should see the animals listed, untick the ones you do not want and just leave the tick in the animals you need back.

Then click "Export" at the bottom, you will see the amount of animals being exported.

Message like below will appear, click ok.

Say "Yes" to message below.

Then click "Export".

This is then saved on your hard drive. 


Go back to the Herdmaster front screen

Click "Batch Data Entry" and go to "Electronic Import/Export"

Put dot beside "IFC Herdmaster animals" and click "Import now".

The screen below appears. First put in who you are buying the animal back from and then click Yes.

Double click the file in middle of screen called IFCExport.dat as shown below.

Then read the following screens and you will be told this animal was already on your farm and you are going to have to change the jumbo of the sold animal.

The animal will appear and you click SAVE 

Make sure you put in correct date for buying back the animals.