On your PC:

  • You need to have a username and password for the www.agrinet.ie website (you will already have this if you use the online grass software or if you have setup the agfood link to register calves). Use the "Grass sign up" on the top right of www.agrinet.ie if you have not done this already. This will result in an email being sent to your computer. You must click on the email to activate your login to www.agrinet.ie
  • Enter Herdmaster on the PC and select "To Smartphone" on the right hand side of the initial main menu
  • Select "Send data to Smartphone" button on the top right
  • Follow the prompts and a new screen loads with a red button
  • Enter your www.agrinet.ie username and password in the “set user” section if not there already
  • Select "Upload smartphone data". The system will then upload all data needed on the smartphone and this data will be stored on the AgriNet server. You will be told when the process is finished.


On an Android phone/tablet:

  • Go into the Chrome browser
  • Type https://app.agrinet.ie/HerdMaster on the address bar at the top and click “go” on the keyboard. The software will load up
  • Before going any further tap the little menu button on top right at the end of the address bar
  • Tap “add to home screen” and tap “add” to put it on the home screen
  • The phone will come back out to the home screen and you should see the new icon for Herdmaster
  • Tap the new icon to go back into the software
  • Select "Set username" on bottom of screen
  • Enter the username and password for www.agrinet.ie and select "Save"
  • Select "Download full herd" and then select "Connect to server". The farm will download from the server
  • Select "Back" when download is finished