Agrinet HerdApp now supports a number of EID readers that support Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE profile).

The following readers have been tested: (Other models may work but can't be guaranteed)

Agrident AWR250 (Device must be set to BLE + Bluetooth enabled)

Shearwell SDL 4402-L (Device set to BLE by default)

RealTrace RT250 (Device set to BLE by default)

A new icon now appears anywhere a wand can be used in HerdApp. 

If the Icon is white, click on it to open the menu to pair a wand.

A green icon means a wand is paired and ready to work.

Pick animal screens also work with a wand for selecting animals for batch tasks.

Agrident AWR250 configuration: (other current Agrident models are likely similar to configure)

Press the blue button and enable slave mode.

Press and hold the blue button and select "Set Bluetooth Profile"